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Welcome to n0xy.net!

We are a small IRC network which started in 2016.

In our network freedom of speech, expression and discussion is paramount.

If you enjoy the above, you are welcome to visit us in our IRC!

Server Information:

irc.n0xy.net/+6697 (ssl only)

Fingerprint (SHA256)


weechat auto renew (systemd unit files)

/bin/sh -c 'echo "*/set irc.server.n0xy.ssl_fingerprint $(curl -s https://n0xy.net/weechat)" > ~/.weechat/weechat_fifo'

Verify the fingerprint yourself:

openssl s_client -connect irc.n0xy.net:6697 < /dev/null 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -sha256 -fingerprint -dates -noout

Alternatively you can use our webIRC. This is best suited for people who are new to IRC in general.


§ 1 The dignity of the IRCd is inviolable.

§ 2 The distribution of Child Pornography is strictly prohibited in any of our networks and will lead to an immediate ban.

§ 3 Do not attack users in this network in any way, shape, or form.

§ 4 Do not transmit any personal/financial information without permission.

§ 5 Do not share any malware on this network.

Rules within personal channels:

Any channel owner is free to create their own set of rules and enforce it within their own channel, but the global network rules still apply.

Data Privacy

By entering our website, you automatically agree to our privacy policy and our Terms of Service.

Our privacy policy applies to these files:

Our web server does not write any logs.

Our IRCd captures your IP, hostname, nickname, and time you joined every time you connect.

This data will be stored in the individual log files of the administrators.

The data will not be shared with third parties in any way.

Featured sites using n0xy.net on a daily basis:

f0ck.me A IRC gallery with random user generated content. [NSFW]

w0bm.com A big WebM archive of all kinds of videos from the interwebs. [Partly-NSFW]

GottZ.de operator of n0xy.net


You have a question, a concern or something else?

You can join the #n0xy channel and talk to an admin in there.